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At Wellness, we believe nutrition is the core of wellbeing. Our recipes fuel the carnivore spirit in your cat with protein-rich, thoughtfully balanced foods. We pack in tasty, high-quality proteins and leave out grains and fillers, helping to promote optimal health, weight and longevity. With a wide variety of complete and balanced dry and wet foods, our Wellness CORE range provides healthy, natural recipes for your cat's unique taste and texture preferences. Discover the CORE difference!

Wellness Core ® For Dogs

Dry Formulas

Grain free and protein-rich, our natural dry cat foods feature tasty fresh meat or fish as the #1 ingredient! Each recipe of our natural cat food is packed with high quality animal protein, like fresh turkey or salmon, without fillers or grains, along with a unique blend of wholesome vegetables and superfoods, botanicals and nutritional supplements. With 43% - 58% protein ingredients, our CORE recipes naturally support healthy energy and lean muscles. Explore all of the flavours and recipes of our range today to discover the perfect recipe for your cat.

Available in 300 g and 1.75 kg

Savoury Duos

Featuring a unique combination of texture in every bite, CORE Savoury Duos complete and balanced meals are a delicious way to add water to your cat’s diet. With tender morsels in gravy pouring over smooth pâté, it’s two layers for twice the taste!

Available in 79 g and 474 g (6*79 g cans)

Signature Selects

Tender Cuts

With taste in mind but health at heart, we slow-cook tender cuts of delicious proteins and serve them in a delightfully savoury gravy. A healthy, natural way to help hydrate your cat, Tender Cuts complete and balanced meals are sure to please even the most finicky of eaters.

Available in 85 g and 510 g (6*85 g pouches)