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Why Feed CORE?

Discover the CORE difference: natural, grain-free and protein-rich nutrition!

Fresh meat or fish is the number 1 ingredient in all dry recipes for a delicious taste even the most fussy eaters will love!
• Back to nature! We’ve replaced all grains and cheap fillers with more high quality animal protein like fresh turkey or salmon, vegetables & superfruits. This results in easily digestible recipes and better nutrition adapted to your carnivore’s needs.
• Our complete and balanced meals, including wet recipes, offer the perfect mix of proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals for everyday feeding. 
• Scientifically proven to support the wellbeing of cats and dogs, like a more glossy coat or improved digestive health.
Naturally hypo-allergenic: NO grains, wheat, wheat-gluten, corn, soya, dairy, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

CORE for Dogs CORE for Cats